NEW: Access BrightLocal Data in AgencyAnalytics

Today we’re excited to announce a brand new integration with marketing dashboard powerhouse, AgencyAnalytics.

AgencyAnalytics’ tool integrations allow you to monitor all of your marketing channels in one place, and so we’re looking forward to giving you the opportunity to have your BrightLocal charts sitting comfortably alongside those of a growing library of tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Mailchimp, Unbounce, Hubspot, and many, many more.

From today, all you’ll need is your BrightLocal API Key to view and sort data from your Citation Builder, Citation Tracker and Reputation Manager reports within AgencyAnalytics. You can read more about the launch on AgencyAnalytics’ blog post.

Here are a few screenshots of our tools in action in AgencyAnalytics

Citation Builder

BrightLocal's Citation Builder in AgencyAnalytics

Citation Tracker

BrightLocal's Citation Tracker in AgencyAnalytics

Reputation Manager

BrightLocal's Reputation Manager in AgencyAnalytics

We’re really happy to be partnering with AgencyAnalytics on this integration, and offering accurate local search data to their wealth of SEO agency customers around the world.

Christian Sculthorpe, Director of Marketing at AgencyAnalytics, had this to say about the partnership:

At AgencyAnalytics our goal is to help agencies integrate all of their software into a single platform that they can report their awesome results to their clients… and if your agency offers local SEO, there’s a good chance you use BrightLocal. We want to give those agencies an easy way to report on the citations they build, the reviews they generate, and more. As someone with over eight years of experience in SEO, I’m super excited to be partnering with BrightLocal!

We hope you find this integration useful and that it helps to simplify and supercharge your SEO reports.

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