Expert Google My Business Survey

In 2020, Google My Business optimization is one of the key skills a local marketer needs. But, while we know how important a Google business listing is, we were curious – what do industry leaders really think of GMB?

We set out to discover how some of local SEO’s leading voices are using Google My Business for local business success – and whether it’s as much of a blessing as it seems. We reached out to 22 local SEO professionals to find out how they use GMB, and to hear their expert opinions on what could be done to make this even more useful.

As with our previous Expert reports on link building for local businesses and citations, we’ve collated quantitative data on the importance and usage of Google My Business, and collected quotes from our esteemed experts. We hope this information helps the wider community understand how GMB is used and valued by those who know it best.

Thank you to the expert panel for sparing their time and sharing their expertise with our readers. A further thank you to Claire Carlile for lending her brain to ensure the questions were as accurate and illuminating as possible.


  1. How effective is Google My Business optimization to improving local SEO rankings?
  2. Is Google My Business optimization and management a task you prioritize for clients?
  3. Why is Google My Business an important tool for local businesses?
  4. Which Google My Business listing features do you use for clients?
  5. Which Google My Business tasks have the most value to local marketing success?
  6. Which tasks do you handle, and which are handled by the client?
  7. Compared to 12 months ago, how important is Google My Business to local marketing success?
  8. Over the last year, which Google My Business change has had the biggest impact on yours and your clients’ businesses?
  9. Which parts of Google My Business are in most need of improvement?
  10. What could Google do to make Google My Business even more useful for local businesses (and, to make marketers jobs easier!)?


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