30+ Awesome Affinity Designer Textures, Assets, & Resources (Free & Premium!)

30+ Awesome Affinity Designer Textures, Assets, & Resources (Free & Premium!)

The award-winning Affinity Designer is one of the most powerful yet user-friendly vector design applications to emerge in recent years, and these two strengths are the reason its popularity grows by the day. Whether you’re just getting into using the
software or you’re already a dab hand, you’re sure to find some resources you love in our collection below.

20 Affinity Designer Brushes, Templates, and Illustrations

Let’s begin with a collection of 20 awesome brushes, illustrations, icons, and templates that have full, native Affinity Designer compatibility, and don’t rely on attempting to convert file formats meant for other software.

Fantasy Forest Game Kit

This game kit provides everything you need to kick off the creation of your platformer game. Included are animated character sprites, a set of ground tiles, crystal and coin pickups, foliage props, and background images.

Fantasy Forest Game Kit

Robots Sci Fi Concept Kit

In this concept kit you’ll get eight complete robots, each one unique and fully editable. Along with that, you’ll receive a fully vector-based hangar and blueprint posters for all your robots.

Robots Sci Fi Concept Kit

Side Scroller Game Background Designs

Your side scroller game will start strong with these five themed backgrounds: beach, volcano era, farm/forest, mysterious swamp, and snowy mountain. Use the images just as they are, or separate them into individual props such as trees, signs, and rocks.

Side Scroller Game Background Designs

Big Boss Skull With Tribal Background

Perfect for a T-shirt but versatile enough to be used for any purpose, this CMYK print-ready skull illustration is fully customizable, from the colors to the text.

Big Boss Skull with Tribal Background

Space Racing Game Creation Kit

This game creation kit will get your racing or SHMUP game off to a racing start with three complete ships, a GUI for your HUD and controls, and four different ground background images. All the ships are layered so you can easily mix and match elements
to create new and unique extra ships.

Space Racing Game Creation Kit

Hand Crafted Tree Branches Vector

Need tree branches? Get 20 beautifully hand-crafted vector branches with full Affinity Designer compatibility in this pack. Put them to work in logos, games, or anything else that springs to mind.

Hand Crafted Tree Branches Vector

DAUB Comics Basic Brushes

Cartoonists and line artists will be delighted with these free comic brushes. You’ll get four brushes that simulate pencils and four inking brushes. No more undoing and redoing to get the perfect stroke—just put your line down once, and then adjust it as
required. On top of that, the brushes are pressure- and rotation-sensitive. Not bad for free assets.

DAUB Comics Basic Brushes Free Assets

Festive Birthday Elements Flat Set

Put together beautiful birthday invitations, unique cards, and anything else you might need for a festive occasion with this colorful element set. Included are illustrations of gifts, party hats, cakes, balloons, and more.

Festive Birthday Elements Flat Set

49 Hand Illustrated Feathers

This beautiful pack of 49 hand-illustrated feathers presents all kinds of creative possibilities. Every kind of feather you could imagine is included in this collection.

49 Hand Illustrated Feathers

20 Hand Illustrated Wood Texture Vectors

These 20 wood grain vectors were hand-illustrated with fine pen and brush pen on paper, and then vectorized to give you all the scaling and editing you might need.

20 Hand Illustrated Wood Texture Vectors

Monet Style Textured Brushes

Vector illustration and traditional “Monet”-like painting might not have seemed like two things that could go hand in hand, but thanks to these free assets, you can now fuse these previously separate worlds of art with brushes.

Monet Style Textured Brushes Free Assets

Flat Fantasy Castle

Working on a medieval-themed game, site, or set of illustrations? This flat, colorful castle, which comes in both day-lit and night-lit styles, will fit right in. 

Flat Fantasy Castle

Magicons: 160 Icons for Web & Mobile

This set of icons is huge, containing 160 items in total, with each icon available in both light and dark colors. These line-style icons are great for any website or mobile app.

Magicons 160 Icons for Web  Mobile

50 Hand Crafted Floral Branches

Put together any kind of floral foliage you might need with this collection of leafy branch illustrations. An .afdesign file is included so you know you have full Affinity Designer compatibility for editing and coloring.

50 Hand Crafted Floral Branches

Colorful Game Icons

These bright and colorful game icons will liven up your game or gaming website. It includes 21 icons, illustrating everything from cupcakes and donuts to coins and trophies.

Colorful Game Icons

Color Creator Templates

This is a very clever, and totally free, tool for creating color palettes in Affinity Designer. You simply set some base colors by applying “Color Overlay” styles to some specified groups, and the template will automatically display a range of blended
colors for you to sample and add to your color palette. This template is one of many free assets that are sure to come in handy for every artist.

Color Creator Templates Free Assets

Flat Retro Kitchen Items

Populate your kitchen-themed project with these retro appliances, perfect for cooking websites and apps. Included are a toaster, blender, and mixer, and each illustration comes in two different pastel color schemes.

Flat Retro Kitchen Items

Room Scene Creator

This room scene creator kit is chock full of assets you can assemble into as many different rooms as you please. You’ll get 16 padded chairs and couches, 13 chests and drawers, 7 shelves and desks, 11 desk chairs, 7 clocks and wall attachments, 19 plants,
lamps, and other decorations, 7 monitors and other desktop items, and 10 coffee cups and other desktop foods. All items can be easily recolored, making for endless possibilities.

Room Scene Creator

Creative Technology Logo

If you’re looking for a logo that combines symbolism for creativity and technology, get yourself a copy of this CMYK print-ready vector logo.

Creative Technology Logo

Hyper Space Racers

These two ships are organized in a highly modular way, with separate decals, flames, nuts & bolts, and lasers, making it easy to work with these illustrations for animation and customization.

Hyper Space Racers

10 More Awesome Affinity Designer Brushes From Envato Elements

Here are ten more bonus Affinity Designer brushes from Envato Elements that you can keep handy for your creative projects. They come in a variety of styles and will produce results that have clients from every industry happy.

1. Artista Affinity Designer Brushes (EPS, PNG, PDF)

Artista is a pack of useful Affinity resources including brushes and textures. Each of the 60 brushes offers its own artistic touches to help you complete your creative projects. You’ll find useful variations of pencils, dry brushes, sprays, and pens in this bundle. There are also grunge textures included, as well as a help file.

Artista Affinity Designer Brushes

2. Graphic Beats: Illustrator Brushes (AI)

With more than 650 total Affinity Designer assets, Graphic Beats is a massive bundle perfect for your personal library. There are strokes, bubbles, swooshes, and plenty more assets you’ll find useful. The lighthearted and fun brush style can be used for posters, social media ads, and more.

Graphic Beats Affinity Designer Assets

3. Hand Drawn Brushes for Affinity Designer (AFBRUSHES, PDF)

If you’re looking for some fresh Affinity resources that have a personal touch, try out this pack of hand-drawn brushes. This bundle includes 20 pixel and vector Affinity Designer brushes across multiple styles.

Hand Drawn Affinity Designer Brushes

4. Shader Brushes for Affinity (AFBRUSHES, EPS, PNG, PDF)

Bring your art to life with this bundle of Affinity resources. You’ll find 35 brushes that include the following styles and more:

  • seven scatter brushes
  • seven pressure brushes
  • seven hatch brushes
Shader Brushes Affinity Designer Brushes

5. Ink Age Brushes for Adobe Illustrator (AI)

The 120 brushes found in Ink Age were all created by hand, and that detail shines through in their quality. Each brush adds a professional ink look without coming off overly polished. If you need Affinity Designer assets with a hand-drawn look, you’ll love Ink Age.

Ink Age Brushes Affinity Resources

6. Pastels Illustrator Brush-Kit (AI)

This brush kit delivers a realistic pastel look, perfect for illustrations. You’ll love experimenting with the different brush strokes and styles of the 43 included Affinity designer brushes.

Pastels Illustrator Brush Kit Affinity Resources

7. Lighthouse Liner Affinity Brushes (AFBRUSHES, AFDESIGN, EPS)

You can find dots, lines, pats, waves, hatches, and more in the Lighthouse Liner download. This pack of Affinity Designer assets brings you 100 resources split between brushes and patterns. Try it for sketches and marketing materials.

Lighthouse Liner Affinity Designer Brushes

8. Perfect Pencils – Brush Pack (AI)

Authentic pencil brush strokes are plentiful online, but very few match up with Perfect Pencils. it includes 12 high-quality Affinity Designer pencil brushes. They even come in different lead grades! Perfect Pencils also delivers six colored brushes for more flexibility.

Perfect Pencils Brush Pack Affinity Resources

9. Finest Vintage – Illustrator Brushes (AI)

Is it ironic that vintage art doesn’t go out of style? Probably not, but that doesn’t change the fact that Finest Vintage is a fine addition to your collection of Affinity designer brushes. Try out this bundle’s cross-hatch pen and ink brushes for that authentic, old-school art in your creative projects.

Finest Vintage Illustrator and Affinity Designer Brushes

10. Cuba Illustrator Brushes (AI)

A little Latin feel and swagger go a long way with this pack of Cuba brushes. Designed for Illustrator and usable in Affinity, the Cuba bundle features 31 handmade art brushes. You can easily add quality, textured brush strokes to your personal art and professional work.

Cuba Illustrator and Affinity Designer Brushes

Looking for even more creative Affinity Designer brushes? Find even more useful Affinity resources in this roundup post from Envato Tuts+. It even includes links to helpful tutorials!

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    25+ Best Free Affinity Designer Brushes (& Affinity Designer Tutorials!)
    Nona Blackman

Affinity Designer Courses

Looking to learn more about working with Affinity Designer? We’ve got you covered with these three courses.

Affinity Designer Quick Start

If you’re brand new to Affinity Designer, this course will get you up and running fast. You’ll learn how to work with the vector persona, navigate the interface, control color, fill, and stroke, use the pixel persona, create interactions between shapes,
use effects, styles, pressure, and velocity, and use the export functions and persona. Plus you’ll get bonus lessons on typography, artboards, constraints, symbols, and the assets panel.

You can find similar video lessons and guides for other programs on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel. 

Branding on a Budget With Elements and Affinity

This course brings together two powerful but cost-effective resources, Affinity Designer and Envato Elements, and shows you how to leverage them to create an entire branding package on a budget. You’ll create a logo, branding colors, website, social
media covers, business cards, and promotional flyers, all using Affinity Designer.


How to Design Flat Icons in Affinity Designer

This course will step you through how to create flat vector icons in Affinity Designer. By the time you’re done, you’ll have created icons illustrating a shopping bag, discount badge, coathanger, shopping basket, dress, and cargo truck, all in colorful
flat style.


Free Affinity Designer Video Tutorials

While not every course found above is free, you can still find learning Affinity resources without getting out your credit card. The Envato Tuts+ team has excellent YouTube video guides and tutorials to help you improve your Affinity Designer skillset on our channel.

1. How to Use Isometric Drawing Tools in Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer added isometric drawing tools in the 1.7 update. Working with them is not as daunting as it looks, especially with this tutorial.

2. How to Use New Affinity Designer 1.7 Features

The features included in the Affinity Designer 1.7 update are all very useful. If you want to learn where to find them and how you can use them, check out the video below.

3. Illustrator Alternatives: Affinity Designer, Inkscape, and Figma

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful program, but there are other options that can help you complete your projects. In this video breakdown, learn about three popular Illustrator alternatives and the features each of them have!

4. Everything You Need to Know About Affinity Designer Brushes

Downloading Affinity Designer brushes is a great first step, but there’s still more to learn about them. Learn everything about brushes in Affinity Designer with this video, including:

  • how to set up and use vector brushes
  • how to install or save brush packs
  • how to use Photoshop and Illustrator brushes in Affinity Designer 

5. How to Create Patterns in Affinity Designer

Patterns are a useful design element that can transform illustrations, cover art, posters, and other creations. While you can download many patterns online, this tutorial will teach you how to create them for yourself.

6. How to Set Up Grids in Affinity Designer

Grids are a key feature in design software, and they’re included in Affinity Designer. If you haven’t set them up and don’t know how, this guide will walk you through the process.

7. Branding on a Budget With Envato Elements and Affinity

Proper branding isn’t all about seven-figure budgets. You just need to combine your talent with the right Affinity resources. This is a full, free branding course from Envato Tuts+ that will help you create the brand your ideas deserve.

10 Awesome Affinity Designer Tutorials

What better way to finish off our roundup than with some more learning resources? Here are ten of our free tutorials to help you master Affinity Designer.

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    Transitioning From Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer
    Andrei Stefan
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    The A to Z of Affinity Designer
    Yulia Sokolova
  • Affinity Designer
    Create a Fitness App Design in Affinity Designer
    Tom Koszyk
  • Character Design
    Create a Friendly, Futuristic Robot in Affinity Designer
    Yulia Sokolova
  • Character Design
    How to Design a Virtual Reality Kid Character in Affinity Designer
    Yulia Sokolova
  • Game Design
    How to Design a “Match Three” Game Screen in Affinity Designer
    Yulia Sokolova
  • Affinity Designer
    Create an Autumn Girl Illustration in Affinity Designer
    Yulia Sokolova
  • Affinity Designer
    How to Create a Set of Flat Hiking Icons in Affinity Designer
    Yulia Sokolova
  • Emoticon Design
    How to Create a Stylish Emoji in Affinity Designer
    Kamil Khadeyev
  • Affinity Publisher
    How to Make a Restaurant Menu Template in Affinity Publisher
    Grace Fussell

Show Us Your Affinity Designer Creations!

What have you been making with Affinity Designer? Share your work in the comments below!

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