20 WordPress Video Plugins and Players to Add Engagement

20 WordPress Video Plugins and Players to Add Engagement

Do you want to increase engagement and the amount of time visitors spend on your website? That’s where a WordPress video player can help. You can increase engagement by adding a video player plugin to your WordPress website. Not only does this reflect well on your brand but it also helps your SEO ranking.  

WordPress lets you add embedded video out of the box, but you can make the process easier and and create better user experience with a plugin.

Adding a stylish WordPress video player plugin lets visitors engage with content on your website. They are full-featured, customizable and easy to integrate into your website. 

Final Tiles WordPress Gallery plugin

The Best WordPress Video Plugins and Players on CodeCanyon

Discover CodeCanyon’s extensive library of the best video WordPress plugins  ever created. With a cheap one-time payment, you can purchase one of these high-quality WordPress plugins and give your website viewers a more interactive experience.

Take a look at these trending WordPress video players from CodeCanyon.  

Bestselling WordPress Video Plugins and Players

WordPress Video Gallery Plugins

Here are the top-rated WordPress video galleries plugins that are available for you to download on CodeCanyon.

1. Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin

Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin

With the Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin, you can add photo galleries but also video galleries. Include galleries built with other popular plugins, link to video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, and create gorgeous grid-based galleries.

Additional features:

  • layout options
  • skins
  • skin editor
  • import/export
  • video tutorials

2. The Grid: Responsive WordPress Grid Plugin

The Grid - Responsive WordPress Grid Plugin

With The Grid, you can create endless layouts and grids for your videos. It also includes a touch slider (also known as a carousel) for mobile, and WooCommerce support so you can use powerful, responsive video to help sell your products.

Additional features:

  • premium support
  • skin builder
  • custom post type support
  • social stream support
  • touch slider

3. Media Grid: WordPress Responsive Portfolio

Media Grid WordPress Responsive Portfolio

The Media Grid: WordPress Responsive Portfolio plugin lets you build bespoke, fully customisable grids of images, video and other media using a simple drag-and-drop interface. It also has a dynamic grid mode, letting you create video grids in moments.


  • visual grid builder
  • dynamic grids
  • fill grids with existing posts
  • lightbox
  • item attributes

4. Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

This plugin is dedicated to video galleries. With the Video Gallery WordPress Plugin, you can link to YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook pages to import video and display it on your site. It’s responsive and includes analytics so you can see how many people are watching your videos.

Additional features:

  • self-hosted or streamed video
  • analytics
  • retina ready
  • five skins and skin generator
  • set play from time for each video

5. Ultimate Layouts for WPBakery Page Builder

Ultimate Layouts for WP Bakery Page Builder

The Ultimate Layouts plugin will help you create a layout for video and other media if you’re using the WPBakery page builder plugin.

It’s responsive, integrates with YouTube, and lets you build unlimited layouts using the WPBakery page builder, so you don’t have to switch to an unfamiliar interface. Display grids, lists, and carousels with ease.


  • 70+ layouts and design builder
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • supports custom post types and custom taxonomies
  • integrates with AdSense for video advertising

6. Final Tiles WordPress Gallery

Final Tiles WordPress Gallery plugin

The Final Tiles plugin is another plugin you can use to create a customisable video gallery in your site. It features two layouts: Final Tiles with mixed image sizes and Masonry with a uniform image size. You can embed videos among your images or create a gallery just from video.


  • mix landscape and portrait images and video with flexible grids
  • seven lightboxes
  • social sharing for each video
  • intuitive admin panel

7. WP Youtube Manager Pro

WP Youtube Manager Pro

WP Youtube Manager Pro for WordPress automatically fetches videos from your YouTube channel and displays in beautiful video gallery on your WordPress site. 

The plugin displays videos in grid view or masonry view. An interesting feature is that it also allows site admins to update the video title, description, and category on the Youtube channel right from your WordPress site!

In addition, it automatically syncs, finds, and fetches new videos.

WordPress Video Enhancement and Effects Plugins

1. Elite Video Player

Elite Video Player

The Elite Video Player plugin is a fully customisable advertising video player that supports advertising and the most popular video channels such as YouTube and Vimeo. 

Import videos, channels or playlists and play using the default YouTube player or add custom controls. As well as YouTube and Vimeo, you can play self-hosted video or video hosted on Dropbox or Amazon S3.


  • advertising pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll
  • Google analytics: see which of your videos are most popular
  • sticky mode to keep videos visible
  • lightbox, responsive, and full-screen modes

2. Ultimate Video Player 

Ultimate Video Player

If you want to enhance your videos with features such as subtitles in multiple languages, downloads, and adjustable playback speed, the Ultimate Video Player plugin is for you.

It boasts a wide range of features including advertising, cue points, live streaming. and more.


  • advertising pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, or via popups
  • links to YouTube and Vimeo
  • stream local video
  • private or password-protected video
  • information windows and subtitle options

3. Diamond Flipbook

Diamond Flipbook

Ever thought about including videos in a flipbook? The Diamond Flipbook plugin lets you do that. Create a dynamic flip book from your content and media, and include video too. Videos will be played overlaid over the flip book in the background.


  • PDF support
  • multiple file upload
  • JavaScript-based and iOS-compatible
  • reverse flip books for right to left languages
  • insert flipbook via shortcode, template or lightbox.

4. HTML5 Video Player

HTML5 Video Player plugin

If you’re not happy with the default YouTube player, the HTML5 Video Player plugin will provide you with a customisable player that’s designed to display your video in high quality. It supports YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted video, and it’s fully responsive.

Additional features:

  • Google analytics
  • customisable color scheme
  • categories
  • two skins
  • downloading and sharing

5. Video Player and Fullscreen Video Background 

Video Player  Fullscreen Video Background

This HTML5 Video Player is ideal if you want a video player which will support Youtube, Vimeo and self-hosted videos. The plugin can be used as a full-screen video background for your website. The video will cover the entire screen without any black stripes.

Other features of this player include: 

  • lightweight JSON file of about 256KB. 
  • use the plugin as a fixed width or as a full width video player. 
  • for fixed width and full width version you have parameters to set the border width and color.

6. iSermons—WordPress Sermons Manager 


WordPress sermons manager plugin is an easy sermons publisher for churches, for websites and podcasts. The user interface is designed keeping in mind the new trends in the design industry for the Church websites. 


  • add media to your sermons including audio, self-hosted video, and Youtube video
  • showcase your sermons in pre-built grid layout styles 
  • create podcasts for the sermons on your webstie and list them on the iTunes podcast library 

WordPress Video Lightbox Plugins

1. ModuloBox Lightbox Plugin

ModuloBox Lightbox Plugin

ModuloBox is a modular lightbox plugin, which allows you to create responsive slideshow in a popup. Built with plain JavaScript, it offers the best performance and advanced features to show off your media.

Some features include: 

  • create responsive galleries of HTML5 videos or embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or Wistia
  • display external websites from a simple URL—for example a Google Map
  • supports gestures: drag and swipe to navigate through items, pinch to zoom, etc.

2. Revolution Lightbox

Revolution Lightbox plugin

The Revolution Lightbox plugin is another plugin that lets you add video to a lightbox. It also supports images, Google Maps and HTML content, giving you maximum flexibility. The lightbox is customizable, so you can adapt it to suit your theme.


  • runs on all major browsers and mobile devices
  • coded for high performance
  • add playlists
  • add links for each lightbox item
  • optional thumbnails and description window

Interactive Video Plugins for WordPress

1. iPanorama 360°

iPanorama 360 plugin

With the iPanorama 360° plugin, you can create video walkthroughs with labels and signs. Great for holiday lets or property sales.


  • three scene types: cube, sphere, and cylinder
  • hot spots: allows you to mark different areas that you want to point out
  • virtual tour: travel from one to another scene by clicking on special hotspots
  • tooltip system: the plugin has a built-in powerful tooltip system
  • thumbnails: let people see a quick snapshot of your scene
  • preview image: you can set an image that will show as a preview
  • fullscreen: you can toggle from the normal state to fullscreen and back
  • mouse wheel: zoom with mouse wheel scrolling
  • keyboard: arrows can be used for navigation

Video Automation Plugins for WordPress

1. WordPress Video Robot

WordPress Video Robot plugin

Manually embedding videos into your site takes time. The WordPress Video Robot plugin automates this process for you. It’ll take the search terms you give it and automatically add relevant videos to your site The videos don’t even need to be from your own channel.

Additional features:

  • migration tools
  • fully automated
  • no duplicate videos
  • content restriction

2. Smart Product Viewer 

Smart Product Viewer

Smart Product Viewer is a best selling 360º product animation plugin designed for WordPress e-Commerce sites. It is perfect for showcasing products you sell. 

It allows a customer to see your product in detail with a full 360° spin view or understand how the product works with flawless step-by-step animation. 

It’s simple to install and easily customizable with lots of options to choose from.

Features include: 

  • easy shortcode and widget integration
  • fullscreen lightbox
  • spin and animate on page scroll
  • drag-and-drop images manager
  • simple mouse interaction
  • support for touch devices

3. WordPress Responsive YouTube Playlist Video Player

WordPress Responsive YouTube Playlist Video Player

The WordPress Responsive YouTube Playlist Video Player plugin makes it easy to automatically add videos to your site from individual YouTube playlists. It has features to let you customize the display and the order of play.

Additional features:

  • responsive with intelligent resizing
  • horizontal and vertical layouts
  • customize the interface
  • playlist sources
  • touch-screen support

4. YouTube WordPress Plugin: Video Import

YouTube WordPress plugin

If you want to save time importing video from YouTube, the YouTube WordPress Plugin: Video Import plugin can help. In addition to importing video, it uses metadata from YouTube to insert content such as titles, category, tags, and featured image. You can automatically import content from YouTube channels or playlists, saving you time.


  • eliminates repetitive tasks
  • combine multiple YouTube sources
  • automatically import videos
  • bulk video import

Choosing the Right Video Plugin for Your Site

The plugins listed above all do something slightly different, or give a variation on a different functionality such as light boxes or galleries. The best one for your site will depend on your needs: do you want to pull in videos automatically, for example? Are you hosting videos locally? Do you want enhanced video playback controls?

Install a WordPress Video Plugin and Player Now! 

On CodeCanyon you will find  stylish and interactive WordPress video plugins that will help you show great content on your website! 

The various features and styling options allow you to integrate an eye-catching and fully functional player for your media that can fit your website’s theme. 

Also feel free to check out the thousands of premium WordPress plugins available, as well as the best-selling, trending WordPress plugins of the year.

Bestselling WordPress Video Plugins and Players

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