20 Figma UI Kits for Designers

20 Figma UI Kits for Designers

It’s easy to see why both web and app designers have fallen in love
with Figma. The web-based interface design tool lets you build, share
and collaborate on interactive prototypes for your projects. It also
features plenty of ways to help you jumpstart the process. For
instance, a Figma UI kit can be used to establish a consistent look
right from the very beginning.

The right kit can save you a ton of time. Even better is that there
is a huge selection available for download. This means that you’re
likely to find several Figma UI kit examples that offer exactly what
your project requires.

What’s more, these kits run the gamut of use cases. Use a Figma iOS
UI kit or Android UI kit to get started on your next mobile app. Or
find the perfect Bootstrap UI kit to craft a website prototype that
utilizes Twitter’s popular front-end framework.

Today, we’ll introduce you to some of the top Figma UI kits to help you get your projects get off to a running start.

The Best Figma UI Kits on Envato Elements

Looking for the top Figma UI kits available? You’ll want to check
out Envato Elements, part of the Envato marketplaces. Your subscription
provides you with instant access to a growing library of 1,400+ Figma UI kits and a whole lot more.

Figma UI Kits on Envato Elements

Download These Outstanding Figma UI Kits

Now it’s time to browse some of the best Figma UI kits on the
market. We’ve put together a list that covers a variety of styles and
use cases. You’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

1. Neumorphic UI Kit

Neumorphism has become one of the most popular design trends of
2020. This Figma-compatible UI kit offers 26 unique, customizable
elements to help your project take advantage of the latest style. This
kit will be a great pick for any type of project that requires a
contemporary feel.

Neumorphic UI Kit
Neumorphic UI Kit

2. Trainer Web UI Kit

Featuring a clean, modern design, Trainer Web UI Kit has been
crafted with trainers, coaches and related businesses in mind. The
included files are easy to customize and are well-organized. In
addition, you’ll also have access to the free fonts used within the

Trainer Web UI Kit
Trainer Web UI Kit

3. Shopper iOS UI Kit

Building an eCommerce mobile app? Use the Shopper iOS UI Kit to make
it beautiful. This Figma iOS UI kit includes 520+ icons and premium
templates for a number of recent iPhone models.

Shopper iOS UI Kit
Shopper iOS UI Kit

4. DarkDot – Wireframe UI Kit

Add the trendy “dark mode” to your project with DarkDot. This kit is
huge, with over 170 layouts to choose from. In addition, this is a
Bootstrap UI kit that utilizes the framework’s famous 12-column grid.

DarkDot - Wireframe UI Kit
DarkDot – Wireframe UI Kit

5. Personal Portfolio Landing Page Template

Here’s a Figma desktop UI kit you can use to build a beautiful
portfolio site. The package includes everything your landing page
needs, including a hero image and other relevant sections. It also uses
Google Fonts, making it easy to replicate the look on your own website.

Personal Portfolio Landing Page Template
Personal Portfolio Landing Page Template

6. Educational Web UI Kit

Online education is booming, and Educational Web UI Kit is here to
help you take advantage. It offers a minimal design that looks great
without overwhelming users. Plus, all elements can be customized to
match your project’s needs.

Educational Web UI Kit
Educational Web UI Kit

7. Charts Android UI Kit

Add beautiful charts to your mobile app with this Android UI kit. There
are a number of chart styles included that cover a variety of uses.
You’ll also get 520+ icons and two premium Android templates.

Charts Android UI Kit
Charts Android UI Kit

8. Onboarding iOS UI Kit

The onboarding process for mobile apps is crucial. Onboarding iOS UI
Kit has been crafted to make the process simple and beautiful. The kit
includes six premium iOS templates, free fonts and will fit all iPhone

Onboarding iOS UI Kit
Onboarding iOS UI Kit

9. Dashboard For Invoice UI Kit Design

This beautiful dashboard Figma UI kit is perfect for building a
customer account area for your website. There are plenty of components
included, along with vector graphics. In addition, there are two design
styles to choose from.

Dashboard For Invoice UI Kit Design
Dashboard For Invoice UI Kit Design

10. Tables Widgets Dashboard Ui Kit

Create stunning tables with this admin dashboard kit. Inside, you’ll
find a dozen layout files that are easy to customize. Your tables will
both look great and be easy for users to read.

Tables Widgets Dashboard Ui Kit
Tables Widgets Dashboard Ui Kit

11. Nuzie – Medical Ui Kits

Bring a modern design to your medical-related projects with Nuzie.
This collection features dashboard components, plenty of icons and free
fonts. The elements are Retina-ready and can be customized to match
your color palette.

Nuzie - Medical Ui Kits
Nuzie – Medical Ui Kits

12. Orabel Web UI Kit

Looking for a Figma UI kit that offers something unique? Orabel Web
UI Kit features a stunning, modern design for your web projects. It
includes 23 layered page templates and utilizes a responsive grid
layout. Also be sure to check out the companion mobile UI kit.

Orabel Web UI Kit
Orabel Web UI Kit

13. Fitness App UI Kit

Get your fitness app in tip-top shape with this lovely UI kit. All
elements are comprised of vector shapes and easy to customize. In
addition, you’ll find the included assets are layered and nicely

Fitness App UI Kit
Fitness App UI Kit

14. Cyane Teams UI Kit

Build a beautiful dashboard with this Figma desktop UI kit. With the
included 16+ screens and 150+ premium elements, you’ll have everything
you need to get up and running quickly. The vector layouts come in both
dark and light styles.

Cyane Teams UI Kit
Cyane Teams UI Kit

15. Blog Template UI Kit

Use Blog Template UI Kit to create a stylish and easy-to-read blog.
The kit includes lots of free fonts and icons, along with high-quality
screen mockups. In all, it’s a complete package designed especially for

Blog Template UI Kit
Blog Template UI Kit

16. Web UI Kit Business & Services

Make your business or service-related website shine with this Figma
UI kit. It offers a minimalistic design and all the elements you’ll
need to build a great-looking website. And, because each element is
editable, you’ll be able to add your own personal touch with ease.

Web UI Kit Business Services
Web UI Kit Business & Services

17. Sama – News & Events UI Kit

Sama is among the better UI kit examples for mobile news apps. Not
only is it clean and attractive, but it also includes 16 screens. They
cover common needs such as a user profiles, news articles and

Sama - News  Events UI Kit
Sama – News & Events UI Kit

18. Merge Wireframing UI Kit

Designers looking to create wireframes will love the Merge
Wireframing UI Kit. Inside you’ll find a whopping 185 elements and
components, along with 36 pre-designed examples. The kit also works
with a number of different prototyping apps, including Figma.

Merge Wireframing UI Kit
Merge Wireframing UI Kit

19. Jazam – Social mobile app UI Kit

Jazam is a Figma iOS UI kit that is built with social app designers
in mind. There are 30+ app screens included, optimized for the iPhone
X. Other goodies include a style guide, along with typography and color

Jazam - Social mobile app UI Kit
Jazam – Social mobile app UI Kit

20. Atvantic – Music App Admin Dashboard UI Kit

Complete with a selection of 56 files, Atvantic is here to help you
build the next hit music app. This Figma desktop UI kit utilizes
Google’s Material Design and is Retina ready. A slick design and a huge
selection of components make this kit a must-have.

Atvantic - Music App Admin Dashboard UI Kit
Atvantic – Music App Admin Dashboard UI Kit

Tips for Choosing and Making the Most of Your Figma UI Kit

1. Look for Icons That Fit Your Needs

Many Figma UI kits include a selection of icons – an important part
of any app or website design. As such, look for icons that match the
needs of your project. Sometimes, this may mean finding a niche UI kit.
If that’s not available, you could go the completely opposite way by
opting for something more generic.

2. Something Not Exactly Your Style? You Can Change It.

Figma utilizes vector graphics, which are incredibly easy to scale
and edit. Thus, if an element isn’t the color or size you were hoping
for, you can likely change as necessary. This opens up more
possibilities when searching for a UI kit.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment and Extend Your Kit

Remember, Figma UI kits are there to help get your project started.
But you don’t have to use any item as-is. Edit them to your liking or
use them as a basis to go beyond what’s included in your chosen kit.
Among Figma’s top features is the ability to create a design system–a
UI kit can help you to establish one.

Outfitr - Fashion UI Kit
Outfitr – Fashion UI Kit

4. Find a Figma UI Kit That Fits Your Workflow

One of the great aspects of these UI kits is that many are built to
work with other web and mobile technologies. For instance, if you
develop Android or iOS apps, you’ll find that there is a wide array of
Figma UI kits specifically designed for this purpose. The right kit
will fit neatly into your workflow, rather than disrupt it.

5. UI Kits Are a Great Way to Learn Figma

While Figma is built to be user-friendly, there’s still a learning
curve involved. One of the best ways to learn what the app can do is by
exploring a UI kit. So, even if you’re not using a kit for a specific
project, you can still download one, tear it apart and see what makes it
tick. That can pay dividends later on as you do more with Figma.

There’s a Figma UI Kit for Just About Every Need

Figma is revered for its flexibility, and UI kits are a big part of
the app’s success. The right kit means not having to start your project
from scratch. Instead, you’ll have access to the elements you need to
do your job more efficiently.

The UI kit examples in this roundup are just a taste of what is
possible with Figma. Regardless of what type of web or mobile
application you’re building, you can do it better with a Figma UI kit.

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