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17+ Best Shopify Themes for Restaurants (Free & Premium)

Did you know… 90% of customers research a restaurant online before dining—more than any other business type. With stats like that, it’s easy to see why it’s so important to get your website right if you want to attract new customers. Whether you have a website that needs updating, or you’re looking to launch your online presence, read on to find out how you can use Shopify to create a site that will leave your restaurant impossible to resist. 

How to Set up a Shopify Restaurant Website 

Setting up a Shopify store means you’ll be able to sell your services to users quickly and easily. Firstly, watch our free easy-to-follow guide to find out how to set up an online store:

You can then head to ThemeForest and select a Shopify template that best suits your business. Whether you’re reaching the luxury or the fast food market, or anything in between—there’s a template to suit everyone. Plus, once you’ve settled on your favorite, you can amend aspects like logos, fonts, and color schemes, to ensure your template tells your distinct story. 

Best Shopify Themes for Food

Read on for our selection of top Shopify restaurant themes. 

1. Foodry – Fast Food & Restaurant Responsive Shopify Theme

With at least five distinct homepages to choose from, this Shopify restaurant theme offers plenty of customization options. Although all homepages opt for fast food-related imagery, they could be adapted based on the vibe of your restaurant. Home 1, for example, combines a full-width header with sliders, videos, and an Instagram gallery. 

Foodry - Fast Food  Restaurant Responsive Shopify Theme
Foodry – Fast Food & Restaurant Responsive Shopify Theme

2. HoloFood – Fast Food & Restaurant Shopify Theme

Another Shopify for restaurants, HoloFood also comes with at least five homepages. Home 5, for example, makes use of an Instagram shop in a grid—as the user is tempted by tasty meals, they can decide to shop directly or visit in real life. 

There’s also a testimonials section and latest news for those that want to introduce a blog to their site.

HoloFood - Fast Food  Restaurant Shopify Theme
HoloFood – Fast Food & Restaurant Shopify Theme

3. Apetine – Responsive Food & Restaurant Shopify

This slick Shopify restaurant website can be easily adapted for restaurants, food stores, fast food restaurants, or even selling products like cosmetics or nutritional food or drinks. 

Its features include a responsive and mobile-friendly design, unlimited colors, and an advanced mega menu that enables you to set up columns and rows, as well as use icons and images easily. Home page 1, for example, is highly visual—categorizing the site according to food types, as well as incorporating reviews, and enabling users to book directly. 

Apetine - Responsive Food  Restaurant Shopify
Apetine – Responsive Food & Restaurant Shopify

4. Sushi – Shopify Menu, Restaurant Theme

Don’t let the name fool you—this versatile Shopify restaurant theme can be used to promote any type of restaurant, as well as hotels, products, and food deals. It prides itself on its elegant and modern design, being 100% responsive, and coming with theme features including a shipping calculator to estimate the time and cost of delivery based on the destination and service. 

It also comes with a newsletter subscription form and the option for customers to build password-protected accounts to store their key information. 

Sushi  Shopify Menu Restaurant Theme
Sushi – Shopify Menu, Restaurant Theme

5. Vine – Restaurant Food & Drinks Shopify Theme Health Beauty eCommerce Template

This multipurpose Shopify restaurant website theme comes with plenty of pre-made layouts—from the homepage to a collection page, to product and blog pages, it’s all there! It means you don’t have to start from scratch, but you can customize your pages to suit your requirements—and the style of your business. 

There are many product-focused features, like the ability to hone in on a single product to find out further information. 

Vine - Restaurant Food  Drinks Shopify Theme Health Beauty eCommerce Template
Vine – Restaurant Food & Drinks Shopify Theme Health Beauty eCommerce Template

6. Winee – Wine Shop, Winery Farm Shopify Theme

This Shopify theme is crafted for a range of businesses—from winemakers to restaurants, agriculture farms, ecology, health stores, and cafes! Key features include its responsive design, sliders, customer reviews, a custom ‘about us’ page, a contact page, and the ability to easily incorporate a newsletter. 

Head over to the demo to see what’s possible in terms of design for this Shopify restaurant theme—there are plenty of subtle animations that add to its luxury appeal. 

Winee - Wine Shop Winery Farm Shopify Theme
Winee – Wine Shop, Winery Farm Shopify Theme

7. Groom – Shopify Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Groom comes with more than 20 demos, each designed with a different business in mind. The Restaurant demo, for example, is high-end in feel—with full-width imagery offering you the ability to showcase the inside of your restaurant, or even delectable-looking dishes to encourage customers to try for themselves! You can categorize products easily according to lists like ‘featured’, ‘latest’, and ‘bestseller’. 

Groom - Shopify Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme
Groom – Shopify Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

8. Marios – Food Store Shopify Theme

Designed for a whole host of food establishments—from fast food chains to pubs and cocktail bars, this Shopify restaurant website has everything a restaurant could need to get noticed. 

You can use plenty of sliders to display different content from new recipes to latest deals and you can categorize food to help people find what’s on offer quickly. It also comes with five different mega menu styles so you can choose how you order your products, as well as a pop-up newsletter call to action to encourage people to sign up. 

Marios - Food Store Shopify Theme
Marios – Food Store Shopify Theme

9. Foodmarket – Responsive Shopify Theme

This simple Shopify restaurant theme is ideal for either selling food or promoting your website—or both! It combines a full-width header slider where you can include photography of your food or restaurant as well as any promotional offers. Colorful content blocks also draw the eye—these could be used to hero courses, types of cuisine, or latest products. You can easily incorporate those all-important online reviews, too. 

Foodmarket - Responsive Shopify Theme
Foodmarket – Responsive Shopify Theme

10. Tittos | Food Fashion, Wedding Shopify Theme

This Shopify for restaurants comes with three homepages—the Restaurant demo is designed with food establishments in mind! As the user scrolls, you’re greeted with animations that draw the eye to certain sections, i.e. offers and the pricing table. 

You can also make use of colorful content blocks to introduce offers or set meals. There’s a visually appealing blog post section where you could add recipes or further information about meals or your business’ story. 

Tittos  Food Fashion Wedding Shopify Theme
Tittos | Food Fashion, Wedding Shopify Theme

11. Billy – Food & Drink Store Shopify

This Shopify restaurant theme comes with three homepage demos—each designed to have a simple user experience. Home Version 1, for example, opts for clean lines and well-organized content blocks which could be used to categorize courses, deals, or even different menus available at your different restaurant locations. 

It also comes with useful features like a contact form, Google Analytics, and the ability to share ‘related products’ with users. 

Billy - Food  Drink Store Shopify
Billy – Food & Drink Store Shopify

12. Bakins | Shopify Cake Shop, Bakery Theme

This cake Shopify theme can also easily be adapted for a whole host of other food-related businesses, including restaurants, food courts, coffee houses, or bakeries. The general Shopify for catering comes with many features that will be useful for food businesses, from the ability to categorize products and add subtle animations that catch the eye as the user scrolls over certain products. 

You can also make use of the ‘compare products’ function, which enables users to choose between two products and also sort items by price, A to Z, the date of their release, etc. 

Bakins  Shopify Cake Shop Bakery Theme
Bakins | Shopify Cake Shop, Bakery Theme

13. Chik | Food Shop, Restaurant Shopify Theme

Like many of the Shopify restaurants food, don’t let the name of this theme put you off if your restaurant doesn’t specialize in chicken! It can be adapted for a wide range of restaurants as well as butchers, seafood websites, bars, and pizza shops. Useful features include a mega menu to help users find their chosen products quickly and easily, and a deal counter where you can add how long the given deal will be running for. 

Chik  Food Shop Restaurant Shopify Theme
Chik | Food Shop, Restaurant Shopify Theme

14. La Cafe – Coffee Shop Shopify Theme

Another of the sophisticated Shopify themes food, this coffee-related theme can be adapted based on your needs. The header will call to action is a useful place to include deals and new dishes, and as you can see from the demo where you can build your coffee base, you could hero a new meal or and start to tell a deeper story around chosen ingredients. 

You can also add an image gallery to entice customers to try out the dishes for themselves!

La Cafe  Coffee Shop Shopify Theme
La Cafe – Coffee Shop Shopify Theme

15. Onky | Butcher, Food and Meat Shop Shopify Theme

Not just for meat-lovers, Onky is a Shopify restaurant website that can be adapted for a wide range of businesses. There’s the option to add videos within the homepage, a blog, as well as sharing info and headshots about your restaurant’s team members. 

It also comes with a pop-up newsletter box where customers can share their details in exchange for update, and the option to sell any products by weight. There’s an animated mask where you can add an overlay that changes the colors of your imagery and other sites. 

Onky  Butcher Food and Meat Shop Shopify Theme
Onky | Butcher, Food and Meat Shop Shopify Theme

16. Flavoro – Organic Food Shopify Store

Released in October this year, Flavoro is a new contender but deserves a place on the list for its crisp and clean design! It comes with demos for the homepage, product page, and category page, with all the examples opting for splashes of color. 

It’s also been SEO-optimized, comes with a news section, and the ability to click ‘view product’ where you can quickly access more information. You have the option to display your products either in a list or grid view, too. 

Flavoro  Organic Food Shopify Store
Flavoro – Organic Food Shopify Store

Best Free Restaurant Shopify Themes

17. Brooklyn (Free Shopify Theme)

If you’re looking for a free Shopify theme for restaurants, then Brooklyn is a great place to start. The ‘Playful’ demo can easily be adapted to display your restaurant and any products you may sell, too. 

There’s a full-width header, featured collections, a blog, and a newsletter-sign-up. You can also add a homepage video, which would be a useful way to introduce yourself and your restaurant. 

Brooklyn Free Shopify Theme
Brooklyn (Free Shopify Theme)

18. Narrative (Free Shopify Theme)

Another great free Shopify restaurant theme, Narrative does as its name suggests—it’s great for storytelling around your restaurant. Its features include fixed navigation so important sections like your menu, logo, and cart are always visible, and a vertical slideshow to show off your products in a simple, sophisticated way. 

Narrative is specifically built for small catalogs, so if your restaurant perhaps has one or two products to sell, then this is a great option for you. 

Narrative Free Shopify Theme
Narrative (Free Shopify Theme)

Free vs Premium Shopify Themes

There’s a huge variety out there when it come to the best Shopify themes for food. You can either pick a free Shopify restaurant theme or a premium theme—of course, it all depends on your budget, but premium themes tend to have more features and customization options than the free themes. 

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Over to You! 

Now you’ve seen some of the options at your fingertips for creating a Shopify for restaurants, it’s time to pick one that best suits your brand. Head over to ThemeForest and search restaurant Shopify templates to see the full collection.  

Are there any other restaurant Shopify templates that you think deserve a place on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Author: Hermione Wright