15+ Best WordPress Church Templates 2020 (Free & Premium)

15+ Best WordPress Church Templates 2020 (Free & Premium)

If faith is through hearing, then you must convey your message clearly and professionally through your website with WordPress church templates.

And since you have no idea what to look for in a suitable theme, we have collected a list of amazing and beautiful templates for your church.

Find More Church Templates on ThemeForest

All of the elements in our list are exclusively available on ThemeForest, and in case you go over the list and still feel like looking around through the store, feel free to take a look at these WordPress church templates.

Church Themes for 2020 ThemeForest

15 Best Premium WordPress Church Templates 2020 

Take a look at this hand-picked list of amazing WordPress church templates.

1. Deborah – Inclusive Church WordPress Theme

Deborah Church Themes for 2020

Deborah is one of the top WordPress church templates for reaching your congregation. It places your content front and center so every visitor can get the information they need.  Create a blog, share staff and sermon information, and manage events all within Deborah. It’s full of features, which can’t be said for WordPress church templates available for free download.

2. Native Church – Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

Native Church WordPress Theme

If your church handles community events, you’ll love the features of Native Church. This WordPress church theme for 2020 has a full-screen events calendar that syncs with Google Calendar. Add, remove, and edit events on the fly with Native Church. On top of that, this church template is fully responsive and has multiple layout and color options.

3. Exodos – Church WordPress Theme

Exodos - Church WordPress Theme

The Exodos template has a modern style that looks great and is easy to customize. It comes with an editable donations page for charitable gifts and offerings, a well-built blog, and a sermon page. Create a layout that works and import your changes with a click of a button.

4. Bethlehem – Church WordPress Theme

Bethlehem - Church WordPress Theme

A good church template should represent more than just a place where people go to find out what time Sunday services start. A good church template, like Bethlehem, is a source of inspiration and fellowship to everyone. You’ll be able to connect with your congregation with this delightfully designed template. Share stories, sermons, and events with every visitor of your site. There are three demos you can work from, and thanks to the drag and drop editor, you’ll be able to design new pages with ease. 

5. ChurchWP – A Contemporary WordPress Theme for Churches

ChurchWP Contemporary WordPress Theme

The church is all about community, peace, and brotherhood, and your website should reflect this. That’s why we recommend ChurchWP, one of the top church themes for 2020. It offers a way for you to show people what church is really about, using the most amazing, calm and minimalistic design. There are multiple page templates you can edit and customize to show sermons and fellowship events. And unlike many WordPress church templates for free download, it supports integration with many popular plugins.

6. My Religion – Church & Charity WordPress Theme

My Religion Church And Charity WordPress Theme

Since its release in Fall 2016, My Religion has continued to be one of the most highly rated WordPress church templates on ThemeForest. You can post sermons online for all of the church’s visitors. Easily set up offerings and donations, as well as a shop to raise money for different causes. The consistent updates and attention to detail make My Religion one of the best church themes for 2020.

7. Church – WordPress

Church - WordPress

Church is a beautiful WordPress template well suited for your church or non-profit organization.

This template comes with a very minimalistic and spiritual design, as well as all the tools you need to build your website. These features make this one of the top church themes for 2020.

8. Chapel – Church Theme

Chapel - Church Theme

This template is warm and friendly with a full-screen slider that immediately puts you into a state of ease, and aside from a great design, it also comes with these features:

  • Easy to use – no coding knowledge required
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • A large collection of home and inner pages
  • Import demo site with One-Click
  • Responsive and Retina Ready

So go ahead and have some faith in what this template can do for you.

9. Zegen – Church WordPress Theme

Zegen - Church WordPress Theme

Zegen is specially designed for non-profit churches, prayer groups, charity, volunteering, and funding. Zegen also comes with sermons, ministries, events, testimonies, staff members, and church locations to enhance your website.

10. Our Church – WordPress Churches Theme

Our Church - WordPress Churches Theme

If you’re looking for a modern and easily manageable WordPress Church Template that comes with a classic and minimal style, then Our Church Template is the one for you.

11. Hallelujah | Church & Religion WordPress Theme

Hellelujah Church Themes For 2020

This template enables you to showcase sermons, ministries, events, lectures, testimonies, staff members, and church locations, in a very beautiful and elegant layout.

Hallelujah also comes equipped with these features:

  • One-Click demo install
  • Retina Images Support
  • Interactive Ajax Search

12. Ichthys – Church WordPress Theme

Ichthys - Church WordPress Theme

Do you want to create an incredible church website? How about taking a look at Ichthys, the template that combines, design with speed and functionality.

13. Vestry – Church WordPress

Vestry - Church WordPress

Vestry is a breathtaking template with lots of thoughtful design additions and plenty of features that make it a great choice for your church.

This template also comes with 30+ inner pages, events, sermons, and a fully developed blog.

14. Nazareth | Church & Religion WordPress Theme

Nazareth  Church  Religion WordPress Theme

If you believe that your church’s website just needs a couple of pictures and maybe some talk of next week’s schedule, you should take a look at the Nazareth theme for inspiration.

This theme comes packed with pre-built pages, easy installation, and an events calendar.

15. Adore Church – Responsive WordPress Theme

Adore Church Responsive WordPress Theme

Last but not least on our list of WordPress church template is Adore. This premium template is perfect for your church and ministry. Adore comes with 12 color schemes, an event manager plugin, and a responsive design. You’ll love the way you can connect with visitors with this theme. Thanks to the included support forum, you won’t struggle with creating the perfect church website.

Free WordPress Templates For 2020 From WordPress

We always recommend premium church themes for 2020, but they may not fit your budget right now. That’s why you can find free church WordPress themes from ThemeForest!

Every month, ThemeForest lets you download premium WordPress themes for free. It’s a great way to find a free WordPress theme that’s guaranteed to have high quality.

Free WordPress Themes From ThemeForest

There’s always something different each month, so you can find WordPress church templates for a free download that suit you. Want to see what WordPress themes are free on ThemeForest this month? Check it out from the links above.

3 Best Free WordPress Church Templates

If you want to see more free church WordPress themes, we’ve found a few online! Have a look at these three WordPress church templates for free download, straight from WordPress themselves.

1. Prayer Lite

Prayer Lite is an amazingly clean, modern, and creative template that comes with a lot of options to help you launch your site. If you’ve been hunting for WordPress church templates for a free download, check out Prayer Lite.

2. Pin Charity

As far as free church WordPress themes go, Pin Charity really has great features that will satisfy all your needs, plus a very minimalistic and elegant design that will impress your visitors.

3. The Church Lite

The Church Lite is one of the great free church WordPress themes. It’s very modern and feature-rich, so make sure you try it out and see if it fits your business. Try it if you’ve spent a lot of time looking for WordPress church templates for a free download.

Amazing WordPress Tips For Your Church Website Template

We’re happy that you looked through free and premium WordPress church templates with us! Before you go, we want to give you some top tips to get the most out of your church themes for 2020. 

1. Use Your Events Page

One big goal of the church is to bring people together as one community. No matter your church’s size, keeping up to date with community events can help achieve this. Make sure your church’s online calendar is always maintained an up-to-date for potential visitors. 

ChurchWP Church WordPress Template Events Page
ChurchWP has a built-in events page, a feature shared with many church themes for 2020.

2. Have Photos

If you take pictures of your church’s events or services, share them online. It’s a great way to engage with your community. The good news is that most WordPress church templates have image galleries built-in. All you’ll need to do is upload your photos to your site.

3. Keep Design Minimal

Cluttered design is the easiest way to drive away visitors and traffic. If you want your page to be used, limit the number of elements you display. Apply white space design principles and cut out unnecessary information for an aesthetically-pleasing website.

4. Have Organized Pages

When you’re building the different pages in your WordPress church template, make sure each one has a specific goal. Have separate pages for events, services, and offerings. It’s just as important to respect page hierarchy. Learn more with this tutorial.

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5. Design For Mobile Devices

In 2020, most of the internet’s traffic is driven by mobile devices. The visitors to your church’s website are no different. That’s why it’s important to have a responsive church WordPress template that looks great on every screen size.

Adore Responsive Church WordPress Template
Adore is one of many WordPress Church Templates with a responsive design.

Learn More About WordPress Themes From Envato Tuts+

If you want to get the most out of your church themes for 2020, you’ll want to check out Envato Tuts+. There are many WordPress tutorials and guides that can get you started. Soon enough, you’ll be making stellar WordPress websites.

Here are just a few WordPress how-to guides you can use to get your church website up and running.

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Build an Online Presence For Your Church

Now that you have all the tools you need to build an online presence for your church with WordPress church templates, it’s important that you choose the features that best suit your needs and help you spread your message further. Enjoy the journey of bringing your excellent, premium church template to life as a beautiful website for your visitors.

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Author: Aladin Bensassi