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PHP Training

PHP Training in Ghaziabad - We offer PHP Training to both technical and non-technical candidates from areas like CS/IT, MBA, BCA, MCA who want to pursue their career in IT sector as a web developer / full stack developer. Our web development course basic front end technologies like HTML and CSS. Then we start with javascript, the client side scripting language of web witj Jquery. After javascript & jQuery, Php is started. Then My Sql database and connectivity. After completing the Core PHP, we will cover advanced php topics like AJAX, Php5, Wordpress and Joomla cms.

Php with PHP5, Mysql

Php is Web based, Server side scripting language. Php stands for Hyper Text Pre Processor used to create web based applications. As HTML, CSS and JS, creates the front-end of a website, Php creates the back-end of website.

Our course includes Core php, My SQL, Connectivity, PHP5, Wordpress and Joomla.

PHP Course Summary
  • Course Duration                - 3 Months
  • Slots                                           - Weekdays & Weekends
  • Study Material                     - Yes
  • Trainer                                      - 6+Exp
  • Projects                                    - 2 Live Project

PHP Course Includes

  • Php and Mysql

Android App Development

Basic terms(network,client,server,ip address, port number,http etc) Installation of PHP, MySQL and Apache (Wampserver / XAMPP)

Basics of PHP

Introduction to PHP
  • How to display output
  • Datatypes and variable declaration
  • Datatype conversion
  • Using comments
  • Operators
  • Type casting

Control flow in PHP

  • The if statement
  • The else statement
  • The else if statement
  • The switch statement
  • The ? operator


  • while loop
  • do...while loop
  • for loop
  • breaking out of a loop
  • The continue Statement

Arrays in PHP

  • Numerically Indexed arrays
  • Associative arrays
  • Assignment using the array keyword
  • the foreach .. as loop
  • Multidimensional arrays
  • Super global arrays

Functions in PHP

  • string and date time functions
  • utility functions
  • using array functions
  • Checking of function existence
  • create your own functions
  • Passing by value and reference
  • global variables in functions

Form Handling in PHP

  • Difference between GET and POST
  • Building Forms
  • Retrieving submitted data
  • Sanitizing input

Reusing Code in PHP

  • Include and include once statement
  • require and require once statement
  • Breaking HTML, CSS template and reuse of it

OOPS programming in PHP

  • Declaring a class
  • Creating an object
  • Accessing objects
  • Cloning objects
  • Constructors & Destructors
  • Writing methods
  • Declaring properties & constants
  • Property and method scope
  • Static properties and methods
  • Inheritance

Exception Handling In PHP

  • types of errors
  • @ operator
  • try block
  • catch block

Cookies in PHP

  • Setting a cookie
  • Accessing cookie
  • Destroying a cookie

Session in PHP

  • Starting a session
  • Ending a session
  • Setting a timeout
  • Insert value in session
  • Show value from session
  • Update value of session
  • Destroy value of session
  • Session id

File Handling in PHP

  • Checking of file existence
  • Different modes of files
  • Creating a file
  • Reading from file

Mysql(Database Programming in PHP using MySQL)

  • Basic of Database(data, table, RDBMS)
  • Accessing MySQL via the command line
  • Accessing MySQL via phpMyAdmin
  • DDL Command(Create, Drop, Alter)
  • DML Command(Inset, Update, Delete)
  • Select Commands
  • Nested queries
  • Joins and its type
  • Constraints
  • Different types of clauses

Accessing MySQL using PHP

  • mysql vs mysqli
  • Executing select query using mysqli
  • Executing non select query using mysqli
  • Using Prepared Statements

Advance in PHP

  • Uploading and Downloading in PHP
  • Redirection and hashing
  • Encryption and decryption
  • Authentication (User Registration, Login, Logout etc.)
  • SQL injection & securing website
  • Regular expression
  • Client side and server side validation
  • Sending email through coding
  • Configure PHP.INI
  • .htaccess file
  • Report Generation (.csv file)


  • What is Ajax?
  • Using XMLHttpRequest
  • GET method
  • POST method
  • JSON example
  • Check user availability
  • Auto suggest


  • Installation of WordPress
  • Getting started with WordPress
  • WordPress as a blogging platform
  • WordPress as a content management system
  • Work with WordPress themes
  • Manage multimedia in WordPress
  • Install plugins in WordPress


  • Installation of Joomla
  • Adding content
  • Updating content
  • Creating menu
  • Installing Joomla templates

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